Conference “The Difficult Legacy of the 20th Century.
Coping with the Ibero-American Dictatorships"

5th October 2023, 14-19:30 h + 6th October 2023, 9-13 h,
Central Lecture Hall and Seminar Building (Z6), Room 2.013, Am Hubland, Würzburg

The conference organized by the Chair of Modern History at the University of Würzburg focuses on national and regional processes of democratization and transitional justic after the dictatorial periods in Portugal, Spain, Argentina, Brazil and Chile as well as analysing the consequences of transnational exchange processes in dealing with the dictatorial past.


Thursday, 5th October 2023

14.15 hProfessor Dr. Peter Hoeres (Würzburg): Welcome Address and Introduction
14.30 hDr. Lasse B. Lassen, Holger Kohler (Würzburg)
 „Iberian Transitions. Coming to Terms with Dictatorial Pasts in European Democratic Societies.
 Spain and Portugal within the European and Latin American Context.“
16.15 hDr. Nina Schneider (Duisburg-Essen)
 „The Brazilian Truth Comission (2012-2014): Local, National and Global Perspectives."
17.00 hDr. Ulrike Capdepón (Guadalajara)
 „Dealing with Francoist Crimes in Spain between local Demands and Transnational Processes:
 From the Argentine Lawsuit to the Law of democratic Memory."
18.15 hKeynote: Professor Dr. Walther L. Bernecker (Erlangen-Nuremberg)
 „Historical Consciousness and  Coping with the Past: Spain's Embattled Cultures of Memory.“


Friday, 6th October 2023

9.00 hProfessor Dr. Detlef Nolte (Hamburg)
 „The Legacy of the Pinochet Dictatorship: the Constitution of 1980.“
9.45 hJoe David Green (Chemnitz)
 „Between Revolution and Discretion – Coping with the Memorial-Political Legacy of the 
 Estado Novo in Lisbon's Urban Spaces after 1974."
11.00 hProfessor Dr. Ludger Mees (Bilbao)
 „The Last Relic of Francoism? A Genealogy of Political Violence in the Basque Country
 between Dictatorship and Democracy (1959-2023).“
11.45 hDr. Antonio Muñoz Sánchez (Lisbon)
 „When Realpolitik and International Solidarity Became One: The SPD and the Building of Democracy
 in Portugal and Spain.“
12.30 hDr. Lasse B. Lassen (Würzburg): Concluding Remarks


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